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Season One, Episode Ten – ‘The Baby Shower’

Finally, for once somebody says something I can agree with, and against all odds, it’s Carrie! “Sometimes there is nothing harder in life than being happy for someone else,” she says, before she pops off to a baby shower with the gang, and I’m inclined to agree. Reminds me of my worst three emotions to feel:

3. Loneliness – usually a lousy feeling, though occasionally strangely blissful. Can be easily remedied though.

2. Anxiety – quite hard to get rid of, can be conjured up by a variety of situations, usually to do with football.

1. Jealousy. Seriously, is there anything worse? From being jealous of someone who you really like has gone off with who has a really stupid name, to that horrible jealous feeling when your rival team buys some really decent players. Exceptionally hard to get rid of, and usually only by changing yourself to someone you’re really not. Horrible. Especially when you know that you don’t even like that person anymore, and that someone else has your affections, but you still can’t help feeling awful.

Anyway, baby showers – I’ve only been to one in my life, and that was when I went swimming aged six months. Carrie’s worried because her period is late, Samantha’s annoyed because the person whose shower it is was a big rival to her back in the day, Miranda is ginger, and Charlotte wants to be one of the girlie girls. There is a big rivalry in the episode, between the four party girls, and the more domesticated women who are all busy with children. The two groups aren’t really different – both are ridiculously self-absorbed, although you can see why people would be obsessed with their kids (Gary Glitter excepted) rather than being obsessed with promiscuous sex and drinking appletinis – easy on the tini.

Led me to thinking, do you have to get serious when you get in a relationship, or can you be your normal fun loving self? In my own experience, the relationships of my pals that have worked, have been when neither of the people have changed that much. Sure you have to be a little more sensitive and turn a blind eye to certain things, but overall they’ve kept the spark that made them be together in the first place. Crap philosophy there – I blame watching The History Boys the other day, WHICH DEFINITELY DID NOT MAKE ME CRY A LITTLE BIT AT THE END.

The pregnancy scare eventually ended up as a false alarm, but it didn’t stop this horrific line at the end of the episode, and this is quoted verbatim – “I spent the entire next day sitting on a park bench watching children play.” Amazing, that sort of smut gets put on prime time television, yet radios won’t play ‘Leader Of The Gang.’ What an odd world we live in. It’s enough to make me slightly upset sometimes. Slightly truncated review for this one, but that’s because a) there is nothing of worth to say, and b) no-one cares.


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