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Season Two, Episode Two – ‘The Awful Truth’

It’s Carrie’s birthday, and whilst the old adage of ‘another year older another year wiser’ usually runs true, of course this isn’t the case here. One of the gifts she receives is a $900 scarf which to me is absolute madness. Surely if you have that sort of bunse lying around, you could think of something better to lavish on someone than a scarf, Cashmere or not. I mean, Uniqlo are selling Cashmere jumpers for about fifteen quid at the moment!

So the person who gave Carrie the scarf is having relationship difficulties, and rings Carrie up and asks her if she should leave her husband, which to me is akin to asking Ian Huntley on how to bathe kids, or O.J Simpson on how to ‘not’ murder someone. Carrie tells her to get rid which is fair enough as the guy was an arse. Meanwhile, Samantha is still with the lad with the 3,’ Charlotte has bought a dog , and Miranda – sporting a very Morrissey esque haircut has met a new guy.

The thing with the show is, if someone has found someone to sleep with, they have also found someone with an assortment of problems. In Miranda’s case, the fellow she is seeing has a penchant for talking dirty in the bedroom, and not of the gravel, mud and grime genre. The whole crux of the episode is the things you ‘can’t say’ in a relationship. Samantha can’t tell her boyfriend that he has a tiny knob, Miranda can’t say smutty things in bed, Charlotte can’t tell her dog to stop acting like a Carrie, and as for the main woman – well, we’ll find out later.

Back to the woman at the start of the episode who has broken up with her abusive husband – well guess what, being a woman she of course has to act like a mug by uttering the sinful line ‘I have to be home in case he calls so I can tell him I don’t want to talk to him.’ Of course, she could just not talk to him, or more realistically – as it’s apparent that she wants him back, she could just tell him that. Samantha has no such problems expressing herself in the end though, as she finally tells 3′ that he has a 3.’ His reply of ‘well maybe you just have a large vagina’ failed to carry much emotional damage, to a woman who has probably slept with over a thousand men – and Gay Stanford.

Talking of Gay Stanford, he turns up at her birthday party, as well as the Big man himself, who earlier had sent Carrie some roses. It made Carrie wonder if he was playing any games by this, as he just could have ignored the day. It’s an interesting problem to think about, as it made me try and decide whether it’s better to never see somebody who has left you, with the hope that one day you’ll be back together, or to actually see (or even just ‘know’) that they have found someone else, so you can try and get over it. It’s a tough one to answer.

Episode ends with Carrie and Big, the most awkward and unbelievable television duo since ‘ITV and ‘Quality programming’ walking down a street chit chatting. As Big walked away to go home to his swanky gaff, Carrie pondered her awful truth – she still wasn’t over him. I can relate – there are a lot of things that I’m not over – Easyworld splitting up, Arrested Development being cancelled, and perhaps most importantly, ‘the top.’


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